National Cook For Your Pet Day

By Cayli Mitchell

National Cook for your pet day is Nov. 1. Starting the month off with a special treat for your favorite companion is guaranteed to kickstart the month off right for you. I have one dog, two cats and two guinea pigs, all of whom I have made a special treat for at one point or another. In my house, my dog is the biggest critic. She has many food allergies, making it difficult to find treats she can munch on. Here are three recipes she loves and I know your pooch will too!

  1. Peanut Butter Bacon Dog Biscuits – Be sure to purchase natural peanut butter and check the label twice. Peanut butter can be a yummy treat but xylitol, an artificial sweetener, is poisonous to dogs. Follow these quick steps to bake the best peanut butter bacon treats since Beggin Strips.

  1. Tuna Fudge – You can cut fudge into strips as “jerky” or break them into small pieces if your dog is still training. Of all the treats, these are the most cost effective; you can make a batch of fudge for less than five  dollars. Plus your cat can drink the tuna water (make sure it’s tuna water not oil) Check out the recipe for this quick treat.

  1. Frozen Yogurt Dog Treats – These are my favorite because you get to be festive. You have to put these into a baking mold, so with Thanksgiving around the corner you can pull out a festive turkey mold. However, I suggest getting a silicone mold; it’s easier to get the treats out when taking them out of the freezer. This recipe is the best!

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