National Beautiful Day

By Cayli Mitchell

Today is National Beautiful Day, a day dedicated to looking for the beauty in the spectacular nature surrounding our world. Too often we are reminded of the ugly and horrible things happening around us, constantly bombarded with the they said/she said/ he said problems that seem to follow us around. In celebration of National Beautiful Day, here are three steps you should take to remember why the things that surround us are truly beautiful and spectacular. Also helps us get in the mood for the up and coming holiday that reminds us to be thankful for those people and things around us as well.

Step one is to listen to “Beautiful Day” by U2. The lyrics remind you to not let go of the day, making sure you see with both eyes the world around you. The upbeat melodies and chorus start the day off with a bright spot.  

Step two, watch this TED Talk. Louis Schwartzberg is a time-lapse photographer who has been photographing flowers and nature for over 30 years. He found the beauty in the flowers and they grow and dance throughout the day. He talks about how we are all connected to nature and the beauty surrounding us. This talk will definitely expand your sense of wonder and beauty today.

Step three is to start reading Elin Hilderbrand’s “Beautiful Day.” The novel brings up one of the most iconically beautiful events, a wedding. Who doesn’t love a great wedding and one set on the beaches of Nantucket. The novel isn’t just simply about a wedding though, it’s about finding the beauty in the worst of times, in the sadness, and crying through the sad tears to get to the happy ones. This will be a great way to round out National Beautiful Day.

While you enjoy all of the steps in my list don’t forget the beautiful people in your life and the beautiful places around you. Make sure to take in everything as though you have new eyes.