Sweet Deals and Dessert Steals in DeKalb, IL

Sweet Deals and Dessert Steals in DeKalb, IL

Sweet Deals and Dessert Steals in DeKalb, IL

By Autumn Kilgus

Having a bad day? You might even be having a great day and this news will make it ten times better. Today, Oct 14, is National Dessert Day! Normally people will stare if you eat five pieces of chocolate cake, but today it is acceptable.

DeKalb has many places that can satisfy your cravings no matter what you’re looking for. Cake, ice cream, donuts, turnovers, chocolate fudge and many more options are available throughout the area.

DeKalb Confectionary, 149 N 2nd St., helps knock out all of your sweet tooth needs. The confectionary makes most of their own products. They have creams, clusters, toffee and caramels year round. However, they do make other products that seem to be hard to find such as divinity, chocolate-dipped ginger, sugar free clusters and sponge candy. Don’t forget, they do make their product by hand!

Sweet Dream Desserts, 1969 DeKalb Ave., is an awesome business to stop by and try. They bake everything fresh each morning. They aren’t your average bakery-like business. They have products ranging from cakes, cookies, sweet breads, pies, mini cheesecakes, scones, a variety of bars and bites as well as puddings and pizzas. You can even get customized pieces. If you are looking for catering, they also have food! Be sure to check them out.

Barb City Bagels, 122 S 1st St., not only has bagels, but also sweet treats! The bagels are awesome and there is such a variety of cream cheese options. However, people normally just assume there is only bagels, but that assumption is wrong. You can order a bagel bite, donut, pastry stick, cinnamon roll, cookie, muffin and even a dessert bar. Everything even seems reasonably priced for all of us on a budget. Give it a try!

Elleson’s Bakery, 44 W State St., will satisfy your hunger and your old bakery feel. Elleson’s is a sit down bakery that bakes everything from scratch daily. You can never go wrong with their doughnuts, cookies, breads, pastries, muffins and danishes. This bakery will blow you away with their awesome treats.

Be sure to stop and get your delicious desserts today. Let us know your favorites at @NIUNorthernStar.