Commuter’s Guide to the Galaxy

By Cayli Mitchell

The daunting task of going to a university was upon me. I was moving to the big leagues for the fall semester of 2017. Instead of being 5 minutes from college, like I was during my community college years. I am now 40 minutes from NIU, and with this comes the life of a commuter. It is it’s own community, in which there are norms and sanctions if you disrupt these norms. Here are 5 norms to remember as you commute to NIU.

5. Being up an hour earlier, so you can leave an hour earlier, because you must be to class an hour earlier, just to find parking.

(gif of car going sideways)

4. Napping in your car, (because you were up so much earlier)

3.  Creating a playlist to listen to because if you have to hear songs on repeat you want to choose which ones.

2. Being in a group project where everyone wants to meet late at night because they live on campus and it’s not a big deal to stay up till 10pm but you have a hour drive home and need sleep.

1. Always needing gas money to get to school.

How ever far you drive to get to NIU, just remember there are others just like you who want your parking spot…

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