Pink’s “Beautiful Trauma” is Fatal and Fierce

By Autumn Kilgus

Pink released her seventh studio album on Oct 13 and it’s full of contemplation. “Beautiful Trauma” has thirteen songs showing the beauty of life, even when it really seems to just suck. Showing the beauty through the struggle isn’t just in your own life, but also in other people, society and the government. We all have a place on this earth that makes us beautiful even in the darkest times with the many flaws we are faced with.

Pink’s first single released was “What About us.” This single is about the political state and what the government has promised us that hasn’t happened. “What about all the broken happy ever afters? What about us? What about the plans that ended in disaster? What about love? What about trust? What about us,” show the distrust in what the government has said.

“Wild Hearts Can’t be Broken” is a protest song and seems to take a political stand on what we have not been given by the government. “My freedom is burning. This broken world keeps turning. I’ll never surrender there’s nothing, but victory,” shows Pink is not going to give up without a fight to ensure her freedom is kept.

“Revenge” features Eminem and brings some much appreciated versatility to the album. The song acts as if Pink is gathering her friends to plot revenge on her husband, friend or someone else who meant a great deal to her. “Well here’s where girlfriend’s come in hand. Especially those that understand. Crime’s a crime but listen man. Really cannot give a damn.” Someone has done her wrong, and they aren’t about to get away with it.

“Whatever You Want” is Pink’s anthem for independence. Although she has a family and is married to motocross competitor Carey Hart, she can still manage on her own. “Cause you’re just too cool, baby. We could have it all. Neither one of us would budge ‘cause we can’t be wrong baby,” shows Pink is hard-headed and determined to get her way. However, she may still be trying to rekindle a broken relationship.

Other songs featured on this album are “Beautiful Trauma,” “But We Lost It,” “Barbies,” “Where We Go,” “For Now,” “Secrets,” “Better Life,” “I Am Here” and “You Get My Love.”

Pink has proved again that even when she is about 20 years in the business, she is still the powerful pop vocalist she used to be. Taking a break from music to grow with her family has had no harm on her 2017 album, “Beautiful Trauma.” Be sure to listen to her new album now on Spotify.