National Noodle Day

By Autumn Kilgus

Shells, elbows and angel hair, oh my! Yes, you are correct: these are all different types of noodles. Today is National Noodle Day, the day that carbs don’t exist! Ramen noodles are the staple of nearly every college student’s’ diet but today you should splurge on some other types of noodles!

If you’re looking to score extra (free) noodles, Noodles and Company has a deal going on! When you buy one entree, you will get a free bowl of Wisconsin Mac and Cheese – how can you beat that deal?! Visit the DeKalb location at 2561 Sycamore Rd.

Up for a drive? Olive Garden, 6367 E State St. in Rockford, is a place you can never go wrong! Their endless pasta bowl is back with noodle options like chicken alfredo, shrimp scampi and braised beef and tortelloni.

If restaurants aren’t your thing, you can always run to the store and grab a box of noodles and your favorite sauce! National Noodle Day is the perfect day to try out a new recipe or recreate an old favorite.