National Ice Cream Cone Day in DeKalb, IL

By Autumn Kilgus

Are you a fan of ice cream cones? Then today is your day! National Ice Cream Cone Day is Sept. 22, which means nobody can judge how many ice cream cones you consume in one day…or one hour.

DeKalb has a variety of awesome ice cream shops for you to satisfy your ice cream cone needs. Celebrate the day with a stop to one of these delicious locations.

Baskin-Robbins, 1101 W Lincoln Hwy., is so close to campus, which makes it so much more tempting. You can enjoy a cake cone, one of the best for the ice cream flavors. Another great treat would be the fresh-baked waffle cone. Try their vanilla or chocolate soft serve, it’s scrumptious!

Culver’s, 1262 W Lincoln Hwy., has a menu filled to the brim with frozen treats. Custard or ice cream, it doesn’t matter; their desserts belong in a cone, and more specifically, in your mouth! Enjoy your delicious custard in a plain waffle cone or cake cone.

Dairy Queen, 1780 Sycamore Road, is known for Blizzards, but who says you can’t have a cake cone? Ice cream cones come in kid’s, small, medium and large sizes. Don’t forget to try the chocolate-dipped ice cream cone!

Princess Alex Ice Cream, 210 W Elm St., Sycamore, gives you the option of a hand-dipped chocolate waffle cone that they make themselves for any of you spunky individuals. There are also regular waffle cones, as well as cake cones, sugar cones and waffle bowls.

Ollie’s Frozen Custard, 2290 Oakland Drive, Sycamore, is very popular to people all across DeKalb county. Be sure to get the flavor of the day, butter pecan, in their waffle or cake cone!


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