Best Cup of Joe in DeKalb, IL

By Autumn Kilgus

Do you drink way too much coffee to help you get through your day? Well, today is a perfect opportunity to drink as much coffee as you want! September 29 is National Coffee Day. Hot coffee, iced coffee, frappes whatever it may be, keep on drinking!

Coffee used to actually be a berry. This means, coffee used to be a food snack, rather than a liquid drink.

Did you know that you could actually overdose on coffee? Be careful while you drink your cup of joe today. I don’t think you would consume 100 cups of coffee, but who knows?!

DeKalb has a wide variety of coffee shops to make sure you get the best cup of joe. 

Common Grounds, 150 E Lincoln Hwy, is a small coffee shop people may not be aware of. Cappuccino, Americano and Macchiato oh my! This place has it all from specialty drinks to Fair Trade Coffee; you are covered. While you enjoy your coffee- that you can get a dine- in refill, you may want to look at their bookstore or maybe even have a pastry.

Dunkin’ Donuts, 1101 W Lincoln Hwy., is right off of campus. You can even walk their after class or when you have those boring breaks between classes. You have a choice of hot drinks, cold drinks and even frozen drinks. Don’t forget to add your favorite flavors to spice up your day! Try the Pumpkin and Maple Pecan. They’re supposed to be delicious and new flavors. At participating locations for today only, you can get a free medium hot coffee with a purchase of a medium, large or extra large coffee!

Starbucks, 1015 W Lincoln Hwy., is another walking distance from campus. The free wifi is always a plus when you dine- in. Today, you won’t receive free coffee, but Starbucks will remind you that you’re actually helping the farmers when you buy Starbucks.The Maple Pecan Latte is the big wig in town at right now, well besides Pumpkin Spice.

Do you have a different location that you get your cup of joe? Let us know on Twitter @NIUNorthernStar!