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Tea, coffee and energy drinks contain varying levels of caffeine, a stimulant that triggers mental alertness.

Caffeine, alcohol affect students

By Anthony Parlogean | October 20, 2019

College students love two specific drugs: caffeine and alcohol. Many students will inevitably find themselves indulging in one or both. Students should determine for themselves the individual costs and benefits associated with consistent consumption of...

Best Cup of Joe in DeKalb, IL

By Autumn Kilgus | September 29, 2017

Do you drink way too much coffee to help you get through your day? Well, today is a perfect opportunity to drink as much coffee as you want! September 29 is National Coffee Day. Hot coffee, iced coffee, frappes whatever it may be, keep on drinking!Coffee...

Supplements OK when used safely

Supplements OK when used safely

By Blake Glosson | March 17, 2014

If you’re looking for an extra edge in the weight room, supplements could help you get there.Of course, with so many supplements out there, it’s important to understand which ones to pick up and which to pass up.Obtaining the right nutrients from...

Nourish your mind for stress finals week brings

By Blake Glosson | December 2, 2013

Finals week can be a restless time, but there are things you can do to alleviate some of the stress and keep you sharp and alert.Arguably the most important aspect of a person’s lifestyle that influences brain power is diet. During such an integral...

Too much caffeine can be harmful

By Kim Randall | April 9, 2013

With college, many sleepless nights spent working away on assignments of varying complexity and concentrations often come--you know, that midterm exam or the eight-page research paper that’s due tomorrow. When the night has gone and it is morning, those...

Despite controversy, Four Loko still available in DeKalb

By David Matz and Jack Baker | November 28, 2010

College campuses around the country are abuzz about the controversial caffeinated alcoholic drink Four Loko. In a press release dated Nov. 17, the Food and Drug Administration warned four companies that produce caffeinated alcoholic drinks that caffeine...