Top Editor sets goals

By Maddie Steen

As the new managing editor of the Northern Star, I can honestly say that I am pumped for this upcoming year. Not only am I excited about school starting back up, but I have so many ideas and hopes for the paper.

I previously wrote for the perspective section, moved into the visual editor position, then was named managing editor for this upcoming semester back in May. Within my mere three semesters of experience in room 130 of the Campus Life building, I’ve seen a lot go down. Mostly good things, but NIU has had some juicy drama lately that needs to be addressed and organized in a way that will get more student attention.

In order to help shape the Northern Star into one of the best news outlets around, I have multiple ideas to not only enhance the readers’ experience but to also pep up our staff and improve their experiences as employees of the Northern Star.

The first goal I hope to accomplish is to create a strong, fresh appearance for the paper as well as our online site. Staying along the lines of a more traditional style is important however, it simply doesn’t get enough people’s attention and even if it were to, viewers may get bored at the lack of visual variety. Sprucing up our paper, while not diminishing the original integrity, will not damage our content or reputation. If anything, it should only enhance the quality of the paper overall.

Secondly, every single voice, whether being an individual or unified group, deserves to be heard, represented and have theirstories told. This is something I have felt extremely strong about since declaring journalism my major and starting at the Northern Star yet, it doesn’t seem to be happening to the extent everyone would like it to. I promise to dedicate my time to ensuring that every group on campus gets featured for doing something that is special to them while explaining why. A little understanding of others could go a long way; ignorance is not knowledge.

My last goal for this semester is to give a bigger face to the Northern Star. Other groups can sometimes be seen in the MLK Commons or outside of their building playing games or grilling out and gosh darn it, we need to do that. Readers only see what we put on paper but we don’t have much of an actual human presence on campus at the moment. If readers are trusting us with their news, they need to know who they are trusting. Not only would this help students get to know us, but having fun together lends to more trust within ourselves and stronger connections.

The Northern Star presents news and ideas beautifully but it’s time to finally kick it up a notch. I’m here to help give this school an awesome, trustworthy newspaper.

If anyone wants to join me on this journey, apply online at