‘Eurydice’ earns strong praise

By Melynda Lewis

The School of Theatre and Dance put on an extraordinary performance of “Eurydice” with touching moments and laughs all supplied by an amazing cast.

“Eurydice” follows the tale of a husband, Orpheus, played by first-year graduate acting major Avery Bowne. Orpheus is trying to save his wife, Eurydice, played by graduate teaching assistant Ellen Campbell, from the underworld with his enchanting music.

Eurydice reunites with her father, played by first-year masters of fine arts major Al Herrmann, who helps her bring back her memories. Eurydice struggles to decide between going back to her life with Orpheus or staying with her father, whom she has grown close to over time.

The cast provided incredible moments, and not just the leads, but the chorus too. The chorus was a group of characters referred to as ‘The Stones,’ and, while their lines were few, their acting was impactful. It was clear each actor, no matter their role, was dedicated to giving the audience an incredible performance.

“Eurydice” included singing and dancing among the rollercoaster of emotions that was delivered through the dialogue. With the perfect mix between dramatic and comedic moments, the play earned the standing ovation it received.

“The play is an extraordinary piece of literature,” director Stanton Davis said. “[This is] one of the best group of individuals that I’ve worked with.”