‘Skull Island’ redefines King Kong

By Darius Parker

“Kong: Skull Island” offers fans unique plot twists and exciting action around every corner, keeping audience members on the edge of their seats.

The eighth King Kong film to be released since the gorilla’s first big screen appearance in 1933, “Skull Island” is not the classic story of a mighty, giant gorilla terrorizing New York City but the story of a gorilla in his natural habitat.

The film grossed $66,373,518, according to IMDb, and tells the story of King Kong becoming a savior to the creatures and natives of Skull Island. While it has not grossed more than its 2005 predecessor, “King Kong,” “Skull Island” has done well with audiences and provides a great story full of twists.

Featuring a talented cast, the film stars Tom Hiddleston as James Conrad, an expert soldier sought out to lead travelers to the mysterious Skull Island, Samuel L. Jackson as Preston Packard, a commander with a special task force unit in the military who seeks revenge on Kong, and Brie Larson, who plays Mason Weaver, a savvy photojournalist who joined the expedition to capture photos of the mysterious island.

The cinematography of the film allows viewers to go on a spectacular journey into a beautiful island where nature and its creatures are in harmony. Full of vibrant colors and dark sets, the film can visually please any viewer.

The expedition of the island is led by Bill Randa, played by John Goodman, who quickly shakes things up, making the plot a fast-paced adventure. Randa enlists Conrad, Packer and Weaver to explore the island in search of human life, but that’s not the whole story. The plot thickens once the rest of the team finds out Randa knew that a monstrous creature inhabited the island he only wanted to be the first to discover.

Every scene seems to provide some new secret or twist to the plot, making for a fun two hours of cinema. The characters are both lovable and deceitful at the same time, adding to the mystery.

Packed full of bone-crushing blood and gore, “Kong: Skull Island” has enough action to please any movie-goer. The audience sees Kong as the aggressor, however, his demeanor is shifted once his motives are revealed. This combines with a fantastic script to provide great character development throughout rather than a one-note villain and hero story. The script, characters and plot combine to create a beautiful blend of excitement.

Although many worried that “Kong: Skull Island” could have come off a tad bit corny if not executed correctly, it is safe to say that the many twists and turns make for a fun film. Kong seemed to be a large aggressor but became a hero and protector, providing a well thought-out film. With an outstanding cast and exciting action, this film deserves a chance.