SA Senate approves two clubs

By Morgan Fink

DeKALB — The Gujarati Student Association and Huskies Redefine Beauty, both of which were approved by the Student Association Senate Sunday, share the goal of bringing students together in different ways.

The Gujarati Student Association

The Gujarati Student Association, which was approved by a unanimous vote, aims to introduce students and members to the Gujarati heritage by celebrating various cultural events.

“ ‘Gujarati’ refers to the natives, descendants or persons whose heritage is rooted in Gujarat, a state of India,” said Ayush Shah, Gujarati Student Association vice president, during the 5 p.m. meeting in the Holmes Student Center, Sky Room.

Sahil Doshi, Gujarati Student Association president, and Shah spoke to the SA Senate about how they want to bring Gujarati culture to NIU.

“We want to introduce our culture to the campus in a positive light,” Shah said.

The organization also plans to develop and promote friendship with various communities around the world and to understand its members and the people of the community at large.

Huskies Redefine Beauty

Huskies Redefine Beauty was unanimously approved by the SA Senate as well. President Lauren Murphy wants to redefine what beauty means and change the standards that society has created.

“There is a big problem [with] how people view each other as a society and how it affects men and women,” Murphy said.

Huskies Redefine Beauty will promote real beauty by helping women and men be confident in their bodies and have high self-esteem, Murphy said.

“We want to strengthen and empower females and males alike to be less concerned about physical appearances and to be comfortable in their own skin,” Murphy said.

During meetings, Murphy plans to start a campaign involving a mini photo shoot with members and students. Murphy wants to include everyone, regardless of body shape and skin color, to promote the idea people should accept themselves no matter what.

The organization also plans to show inspirational movies during meetings.

“It’s about finding the true beauty in ourselves,” Murphy said.