New York Fashion Week inspires student looks

Monochromatic looks appeared often at New York Fashion Week and students can easily replicate this trend.

Monochromatic looks appeared often at New York Fashion Week and students can easily replicate this trend.

By Sophia Phillips

Last week marked the end of New York Fashion Week, when the industry’s top designers showcased their fall 2017 collections. Many of the styles are great off the runway.

Here are some of the top trends from fashion week that students can wear as day-to-day looks.

Floral for fall

Despite floral prints being stereotypically spring-like and commonly used in fashion, many designers showed floral patterns in their fall 2017 collections, including Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein.

Elizabeth Wright, junior medical laboratory science major, said she likes floral print for fall because it is a pattern she already normally wears, especially dresses.

Monochromatic outfits

Single colors were once considered a fashion faux pas, but designers like Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang chose to break this rule by showcasing monochromatic outfits. Some looks were all tan-colored while other daring outfits were all black.

A monochromatic look can be easy for students to put together because it doesn’t require a lot of mixing. These outfits only need to match colors to each other, and they have a smooth look that is pleasing to look at.

Neutral colors

Instead of featuring classic fall colors like greens and reds, many designers used natural colors like tan and camel. Designers like Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors showcased neutral and nude tones in their collections.

Jaylin Adams, freshman pre-med biology major, said she likes wearing neutral colors because it brings out her complexion.

“I try to shop for clothes that can make my skin pop,” said Adams.

Pointed-toe shoes

Toe shapes on shoes tend to go in and out of style, and some designers at New York Fashion Week brought back the pointed-toe shoe. Derek Lam’s collection featured ankle boots and loafers with pointed toes, while Jason Wu chose understated, simple ballet flats with pointed toes.

While many of the pointed-toe shoes on the runway looked a little garish, street-style pointed shoes don’t have to be. An everyday pointed-toe shoe can be sleek and simple to go with any outfit.

Menswear for women

Gender is an important discussion topic in 2017, and many designers highlighted this by breaking gender stereotypes in their collections such as Marc Jacobs and Derek Lam.

Hannah Higgins, freshman mechanical engineering major, said of these five trends seen on the runway, her favorite was menswear for women.

“Being a woman in engineering, I love when people break gender roles like that,” Higgins said.