Local shops stay closed Thursday


Junior nursing major Jasmine Dobbs looks at the puzzle books at Book World, 858 W. Lincoln Highway.

By Northern Star Editorial Board

The Northern Star Editorial Board applauds both local and large businesses for keeping its doors closed on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a time for family and giving thanks. The holiday is not meant to be experienced sitting outside a store, waiting to get the best deal on an item. When businesses stay closed on Thanksgiving, this encourages consumers to stay at home, and employees can stay home as well.

Mall of America and CBL and Associates are the only two malls in the nation that have announced they will be closed on Thanksgiving, according to a Oct. 11 Chicago Tribune article. However, the mall officials will still permit individual retailers to open their doors. Many retailers closing its doors on Thanksgiving they are doing it because of employee morale.

More local businesses in DeKalb are closing its stores on Thanksgiving Day. These businesses are opening its doors on Black Friday at the regular opening times.

“Book World has chosen to not open on Thanksgiving, but we will be open on Black Friday, at our regular hours and we will have sales on that day, as well as on Small Business Saturday,” said Troy Derrer, Book World regional manager. “We as a company choose to close on Thanksgiving because we think it is an important day for our staff to be with their families.”

Shopping late on Thanksgiving is also dangerous. The Black Friday Death Counter has recorded seven Black Friday related deaths and 98 injuries since 2006, according to its website.

This tradition of leaving the dinner table to shop for things is a bad way for people to celebrate a time of unity and giving thanks. It is wonderful to see stores breaking that tradition and closing its doors on Thursday.