Q&A: Coordinator of NIU’s Got Talent

By Danielle Keys

Campus Activities Board puts on various events throughout the year from large concerts to new events like NIU’s Got Talent. The event finished holding auditions for their November showcase Sept. 27. The Northern Star got a chance to sit down with Alesha Etheridge, coordinator of NIU’s Got Talent, to ask her a few questions about the event.

Q: What inspired NIU’s Got Talent?

A: A committee member inspired this idea to bring a way for students to display their talents, but to also bring some diversity from the same acts that are always seen on campus. We wanted to incorporate something new with what we see regularly and felt that since we are a performing arts committee, a talent show would be a great idea to do so.

Q. Is this the first year for this event?

A: This will be the first [NIU]’s Got Talent show on campus.

Q: What kind of talents do students showcase?

A: We have a variety of talents in the show. We have poetry, singing, dancing and even yo-yo tricks.

Q: Are there judges like America’s Got Talent, and is there a prize for the winner?

A: There will be judges for the event, and there is a prize for the winner.

Q: Is it too late for students to be involved?

A: It’s not too late for students to get involved. If anyone would like to be involved with the event, they can contact the Campus Activities Board.

Q: Do students need to purchase tickets to attend the event?

A: This will be a free event, however students will have to go online to get tickets for entry.

The Campus Activities Board will be hosting NIU’s Got Talent 6 to 9 p.m. Nov., 17 in the Holmes Student Center, Carl Sandburg Auditorium.