Pass/Fail: NIU working to better food security; Halloween not an excuse for drinking

By Maddie Steen


NIU working to better food security

The NIU community will not let its Huskies go hungry; the Husky Food Pantry and the Communiversity Gardens ensure students have food security.

Food security is a growing issue on college campuses, according to a Monday Northern Star article. The food pantry is open every Thursdays and is open to students who do not have a meal plan and are unable to afford groceries.

As for the Communiversity Gardens, the fourth garden was added this past spring, according to an NIU Today article. These gardens serve the community and also provide healthy food to those who need it.

With these efforts on campus, we can end food insecurity in DeKalb.


Halloween not an excuse for drinking

Students should not use Halloween as another excuse to drink alcohol and put themselves at risk.

The focus of this holiday has shifted from fun costumes, pumpkin carving and watching scary movies to finding the most revealing, possibly offensive costume and wearing it out to drink.

Fall used to be thought of as a time where the wall between our world and that of the dead was incredibly thin. Oct. 31 was the day the ghosts would rise up and roam about before returning to the grave on Nov. 1. Pumpkins were carved as guards to protect the house, and if someone were to leave their house, they would wear a mask in order to blend in with the ghosts, according to the History Channel website.

If students have no idea why Halloween even exists, then they should not be celebrating it.