Pass/Fail: voting and Wirtz Hall

By Faith Mellenthin


Earlier this month, voting registration was available to students in several buildings. I know people may be tired of hearing about this subject, but I think this is good. Students are constantly being reminded of the bigger picture and are given helpful ways to be a part of it. NIU is working with the DeKalb County Clerk to ensure that students can vote from their current residence. What is even better is that the early voting station is located right on campus in the Holmes Student Center. I had troubles registering to vote in the past, so I hope that everyone takes part in these resources sooner rather than later. Elections are only two months away.


NIU does not have its priorities in order: the first and second budget priorities do not appear to be the most important charges, according to a Sept. 19 Northern Star article. The second priority is the revamp of Wirtz Hall, and this seems unfair when compared to other plans. The Stevens Building renovation as the top priority as it is still not completed. The first priority is said to be a new Health Informatics and Technology Center inside Wirtz Hall. The building renovation should be considered before the development of a whole new center. The building renovation costs less and is therefore more likely to be achieved.