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Pass/Fail: voting and Wirtz Hall

By Faith Mellenthin | September 22, 2016

Pass:Earlier this month, voting registration was available to students in several buildings. I know people may be tired of hearing about this subject, but I think this is good. Students are constantly being reminded of the bigger picture and are given...

Pass/Fail: Holmes open 24/7 for finals; Prioritization recommends athletics self-sustain

By Kaylyn Zielinski | May 5, 2016

Pass:Students will have another option for late-night studying during finals week. The Holmes Student Center will be open 24 hours during finals week. Instead of many students having to trek to Barsema Hall, they will be able to go to the Holmes Student...

Pass/Fail: Extra time for task force shows effort, Voter turnout in SA election is discouraging

By Kaylyn Zielinski | April 4, 2016

Pass:The program prioritization academic task force will be allotted more time to do its job and thus more carefully make decisions. Previously, the program prioritization academic task force had been spending four hours every Friday putting acadmeic...

Pass, Fail: Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education to hold concussion panel, Budget impasse affecting NIU staff, student ratio

By Kaylyn Zielinski | March 3, 2016

Pass: Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education to hold concussion panelDepartment of Kinesiology and Physical Education will hold a panel discussion to discuss how concussions affect young, developing minds on March 22.This is great way for...

Pass/Fail: Town hall meeting success for NIU; Campus sidewalks too icy for students

By Kaylyn Zielinski | February 18, 2016

PassTown hall meeting success for NIUThe all-campus town hall meeting Tuesday had an awesome turn out of more than 200 attendees.This meeting covered a variety of topics, including the budget impasse and program prioritization. Meetings like these are...

Pass: DeKalb officer helps motorist with tire, Fail: Confusing weather stresses out students

By Angela Pagan | January 19, 2016

Pass: DeKalb officer helps motorist with tireA DeKalb police officer recently went out of his way to help a stranger with a flat tire and his good deed did not go unnoticed.The officer did not have to change the motorist’s tire or drive them to go get...

Pass, Fail: STEAM conference creating excitement, old TVs no longer taken for recycling

By Abby Zaccaria | July 27, 2015

PassNIU is holding a conference to help teachers make learning STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) more exciting for students.The conference, called STEAMing it Up, will take place on Aug. 3 in Gabel Hall. Breakfast and lunch will...

Pass, Fail: Holmes added to Greyhound route, NIU dismisses vet, K-9 housing project

By Abby Zaccaria | July 20, 2015

PassThe addition of NIU to a Greyhound bus route between Davenport, Iowa and Chicago will make transportation to the city much easier for students.NIU, Rochelle, Dixon and Moline were added to the route June 1. The bus will run the eastbound and westbound...

Pass, Fail: Huntley Middle School remembers late crossing guard, No redevelopment plans for Ellwood Historical houses

By Abby Zaccaria | July 13, 2015

Pass My pass for this week goes to a Huntly Middle School memorial.Harold Lave, a Huntley Middle School crossing guard, died March 3. He worked at the middle school for nine years and because he was such a great crossing guard, Huntley Middle School...

Pass, Fail: Free book event promotes reading, School Dist. 428 principal loses job

By Abby Zaccaria | June 29, 2015

PassNIU held an event in which families learned about free community resources and participate in educational activities earlier this month.Literacy on the Lawn allowed community members to meet popular children’s book authors and receive free books.I...

Pass: New iPhone emojis diverse, connect with all Apple users, Fail: Low voter turnout in DeKalb aldermanic elections not ok

By Rachel Scaman | April 8, 2015

Pass: New iPhone emjois diverse, connect with all Apple usersiPhone has updated its emoji keyboard to feature emojis with different skin colors. I applaud the decision to make diverse emojis.The update brings 300 possible emojis with a variety of skin...

Pass, Fail: Voting will bring DeKalb together, Printing survey questions biased

By Rachel Scaman | February 16, 2015

Pass: Voting will bring DeKalb togetherCorn Fest’s nomination for a Rockford Area Music Industry award is a great way to bring the community together with a common goal.Corn Fest used Twitter to ask people to vote on the Rockford Area Music Industry...