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Pass, Fail: Trivia at Rec will connect students, Icy sidewalks in need of salting

By Rachel Scaman | January 22, 2015

Pass: Trivia at Rec will connect studentsThe Recreation Center starting a trivia contest on Facebook is a great way to get students more involved with NIU.Every Tuesday, the Rec’s Facebook page,, will post trivia questions. The first...

NIU football players celebrate in the locker room after beating the Western Michigan Broncos Friday at Waldo Stadium in Kalamazoo, Mich. NIU won, 31-21.

Pass/Fail: NIU offers low-priced tickets for game, Christmas music has started to spread

By Carl Nadig | December 4, 2014

Pass: NIU offers low-priced tickets for gameNIU is offering a financially reasonable deal for those who want to travel to the upcoming MAC Championship football game.NIU is providing students a chance to go to Ford Field in Detroit for $20. The fan package...

Pass/Fail: 3-day break offers time for reflection; Weather changes swiftly, hectically

By Marilou Terrones | November 24, 2014

Pass: 3-day break offers time for reflectionNIU gives students and employees three days in addition to the weekend to celebrate Thanksgiving.Thanksgiving break is long enough for students, faculty and staff to relax, but it is short enough to not find...

Pass/Fail: Obama supports net neutrality; Bottled water not poor choice

By Taylor Reese | November 13, 2014

Pass: Obama supports net neutralityNet neutrality is an issue every student should support because it keeps big businesses from taking over the speed of the Internet.Private companies wish to restrict Internet speed for financial gain and make customers...

Pass/Fail: NIU cleans, redesigns Web homepage; Post-game traffic rush could improve

By Carl Nadig | October 12, 2014

Pass: NIU cleans, redesigns Web homepageNIU’s Web redesign is a progressive step for adapting to technology-savvy students.I’m sure everyone has his or her own opinions on how he or she is adjusting to the redesign of NIU’s website, Regardless...

Pass/Fail: Blue book exams save print fees; Protest bombs Friday afternoon

By Carl Nadig | October 1, 2014

Pass: Blue book exams save print feesAs the cost of printing passes from the university to the student body, it’s a good thing not every student has to pay seven cents a page to take an exam.Many students are beginning to take their first round of exams....

Pass/Fail: University’s Anywhere Printing a godsend; Quit blaring music inside MLK Commons

By Carl Nadig | September 17, 2014

Pass: University’s Anywhere Printing a godsendI’m grateful I don’t have to participate in “the waiting game” anymore. The objective of the game was simple: be the first one to the printer.Before Anywhere Printing, all university computers were...

Pass/Fail: Autumn gardens give me fall fuzziness; Sleeved shirts inside Rec are ridiculous

By Angelina McNeela | September 15, 2014

Pass: Autumn gardens give me fall fuzzinessThere is no excuse for students to live off of Ramen noodles for their entire college careers.One of the best parts of the changing weather is waiting for fresh local produce to change from summer to fall selections....

Pass/fail: General education program to change, Super Bowl is why SA will take day off

By Shaz Sheikhali | January 30, 2014

PassThe general education program is finally getting a necessary face lift.The plan is to make gen. eds more relevant to students and their majors. This will make our time and money spent as students worth the while and financial burden.NIU is taking...

Pass/fail: Diverse film series offered, Be cautious when driving

By Shaz Sheikhali | January 28, 2014

PassThe College of Education is offering a diversity film series.It is nice to see the College of Education strive to create a diverse content selection, with movies ranging in topic from ethnicity to sexual orientation.They will be showing an array of...

Concealed carry law has its flaws

By Timothy Ritter | January 23, 2014

Timothy RitterResident of MaltaEditorial Board,You noted with enthusiasm that conceal carry will not be allowed in public parks. As you said, why should anyone bring gun to a park? After all, it’s a place for kids to play, not a place for violence.I...

Student failure isn’t always students’ fault

By Kim Randall | April 2, 2013

“Try harder next time.” “Oh, well maybe you’ll do better on the next one.” Don’t you hate these phrases? I certainly do. I am sure many of us have heard these words at some point in time. The worst time to hear them uttered is during that...