Pass/Fail: Autumn gardens give me fall fuzziness; Sleeved shirts inside Rec are ridiculous

By Angelina McNeela

Pass: Autumn gardens give me fall fuzziness

There is no excuse for students to live off of Ramen noodles for their entire college careers.

One of the best parts of the changing weather is waiting for fresh local produce to change from summer to fall selections. Waiting for the seasonal harvest used to be an occasion to look forward to before industrialized lifestyles. You can purchase reasonably priced and organic edibles without the hefty price tag, and by doing so you will know exactly where your food came from.

There are actually a few spots in DeKalb and Sycamore that provide locally grown fruit and vegetables, including Wessels’ Family Farm, which sells pumpkins, squash and zucchini galore.

If you feel like getting your hands a little dirty, Annie Glidden Outreach Orchard and Garden has a community garden where anyone is welcome to pick fruits or vegetables for free. By supporting local gardens, it allows them to continue providing for their community with the best produce every season.

How does a plot full of free food not get overrun by a community garden bandit like the Grinch who stole produce? It’s all based on the honor system.

That trust, along with the availability of fresh, healthy foods, is like chicken soup for the soul.

Fail: Sleeved shirts inside Rec are ridiculous

The gym is basically a euphemism for cesspool of bacteria, especially in a college setting where every student is a walking, breathing petri dish.

The Recreation Center has a rule that everyone must wear a sleeved shirt to avoid cross-contamination of underarm sweat.

The irony is girls are still allowed to walk around in impractical spandex shorts barely covering their butt’s under-cleavage. I guarantee this would not go under the radar if the gender tables were turned.

I was politely told to wear a sleeved shirt by Recreation Center staff. Being told to put more clothes on immediately after sprinting around the indoor track made me feel like Usain Bolt coming to a screeching halt in his tracks. It’s not like I was naked.

Who wants to wear more clothes when you’re hot and sweaty from getting your swole on? I felt like I was in high school being reprimanded for a subjectively short skirt length.

If this rule is meant to improve student hygiene and save us all from the exchange of body fluids on exercise machines than the Rec should make another rule that wearing short shorts, especially if they could be mistaken for underwear, in the gym is a no-no, too.