Pass/fail: Diverse film series offered, Be cautious when driving

By Shaz Sheikhali


The College of Education is offering a diversity film series.

It is nice to see the College of Education strive to create a diverse content selection, with movies ranging in topic from ethnicity to sexual orientation.

They will be showing an array of movies.

Also, a faculty member will facilitate a discussion about the film and the topic it pertains to. Now that will be interesting — to see the viewpoints on the films and their happenings.

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Terry R. Gile died in a car accident Sunday. Monday night, a tollway worker died and a state trooper was seriously injured on I-88. They were involved in an accident where a semi hit the state trooper’s car, which then hit the tollway worker’s car.

I understand accidents happen in this weather. So, let’s make a promise to only drive while fully awake, to not have distractions in the car and to do a quadruple check of the lane and the one next to us before we switch.

Be safe and warm.