Pass, Fail: STEAM conference creating excitement, old TVs no longer taken for recycling

By Abby Zaccaria


NIU is holding a conference to help teachers make learning STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) more exciting for students.

The conference, called STEAMing it Up, will take place on Aug. 3 in Gabel Hall. Breakfast and lunch will be provided at the event, which costs $85 per person.

If students can get excited about learning, then they will hopefully be encouraged to learn more and enjoy going to school.


Local recycling services are no longer picking up CRT TVs.

Residents now have to call waste management and pay a fee in order to have their old TVs picked up. Best Buy will accept TVs up to 32 inches for a fee until available space ills up.

The reason for this change in policy is that the state’s recycling budget is running low.

This change will be inconvenient for DeKalb residents who have unwanted CRT TVs since they will now have to find another way to get rid of them.