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No excuse for low sexual assault, alcohol ed count

By Abby Zaccaria | October 29, 2015

Student participation in the mandatory sexual assault and alcohol education programs is way too low.All incoming freshmen and transfer students are required to complete two online programs: AlcoholEdu: For College and Haven: Understanding Sexual Assault....

InFocus: Should students be required to take upper-level writing courses to graduate?

By Northern Star staff | October 26, 2015

Faith MellenthinI see many benefits to the skills that writing provides and agree that requiring at least one upper level writing course could be beneficial to all majors.The general education courses have been reconfigured, and students are required...

UNIV 101 needs better description, curriculum

By Abby Zaccaria | October 15, 2015

UNIV 101 does not give students the university experience it describes.UNIV 101 is a course offered at NIU that is supposed to acquaint students with the university and give them important tips on how to make it through classes.My expectationsThe course...

InFocus: How can NIU diversify its curriculum?

By Northern Star staff | September 28, 2015

Angela Pagan, columnistI think there are a few steps the university could take in order to diversify the curriculum. One step I think is extremely important that NIU forgets at times when conducting surveys or implementing new programs is getting student...

InFocus: How can the Student Association better recruit students for the SA Senate?

September 23, 2015

Rachel ScamanThe Student Association Senate could recruit more candidates if it continues to make improvements to the election process.Moving to online voting and putting candidate profiles online has been the SA’s best idea when it comes to the elections....

InFocus: Today is World Gratitude Day. What are you grateful for?

By Northern Star staff | September 21, 2015

Abby Zaccaria, columnistOverall, I feel I am very lucky, and I have many things to be grateful for.I am grateful I have a family who loves me and who I can turn to if I am upset over something. I have good friends who I can confide in without being judged.I...

Pass, Fail: STEAM conference creating excitement, old TVs no longer taken for recycling

By Abby Zaccaria | July 27, 2015

PassNIU is holding a conference to help teachers make learning STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) more exciting for students.The conference, called STEAMing it Up, will take place on Aug. 3 in Gabel Hall. Breakfast and lunch will...

Pass, Fail: WNIJ provides marijuana forum, state can’t reach budget agreement

By Abby Zaccaria | July 6, 2015

See what’s a pass and what’s a fail as judged by Perspective Columnist Abby Zaccaria.PassWNIJ recently provided public forum to discuss medial marijuana in Illinois.Community members who participated in Context: Medical Marijuana and Illinois had...

Pass, Fail: Free book event promotes reading, School Dist. 428 principal loses job

By Abby Zaccaria | June 29, 2015

PassNIU held an event in which families learned about free community resources and participate in educational activities earlier this month.Literacy on the Lawn allowed community members to meet popular children’s book authors and receive free books.I...

InFocus: How transparent is NIU with program prioritization?

By Northern Star staff | June 22, 2015

Angela PaganIn regards to transparency with program prioritization I would give NIU a C+.I feel when the program started there was an intention to be clear about how this process would improve NIU overall; however as the process has gone on getting more...