InFocus: How can the Student Association better recruit students for the SA Senate?

Rachel Scaman

The Student Association Senate could recruit more candidates if it continues to make improvements to the election process.

Moving to online voting and putting candidate profiles online has been the SA’s best idea when it comes to the elections. Making getting involved easier for students will help with participation.

The SA should continue to make running easier by incorporate mentor programs for people who are interested. Students who have been senators before could spend some time with students who are interested in running. This would be a good way for students to know what the duties of a senator are and how they are involved in decision making on campus.

Some students may not know everything the SA is capable of doing, or how getting involved with the SA could mean their voice would be heard.

If current SA members get more involved with being mentors to the next generation of senators, it could make a difference in the people who will be the next voice of the student body.

Abby Zaccaria

The Student Association Senate represents the student body, and members of the SA voice students’ opinions and concerns about NIU. The problem is not many students want to be SA Senate candidates.

To increase student participation and interest in running, the SA could throw more events that will act as information sessions, since not all freshmen know what the SA is.

The SA has had an event like this in the past, and I think adding more would help attract students.

This would raise student awareness of the SA, and some students who go to the events may become interested in joining. The SA could also add a benefit to joining, such as a shirt or a bag.

They could also let students know that, by joining the SA, they will have a chance to network with different alumni and upper classmen.

The SA needs to let students know the time and effort they put into the organization could really benefit them and their experience at NIU.

Angela Pagan

The Student Association Senate is in need of more candidates, and I think the best way to recruit them is to be transparent about the issues the SA is facing this year.

Making it clear to NIU students exactly what SA Senate members do for them through Huskie Link is a good way to attract more candidates. Many students do not know what specific tasks the SA carries out or what kind of power it has on campus. Some students may be deeply concerned about printing issues on campus or the bus routes, but are unaware that involvement in the SA would allow them to have a say in those matters.

Some Northern Star news articles about SA have focused on elections and problems with members, but that is not going to attract candidates. What will attract candidates is if the Northern Star also shows what SA has accomplished and hopes to accomplish in the future.

Once SA lets students know the type of organization they could be involved in if they pursue a candidacy, then it is on students to take the initiative and seek out these leadership positions.