Pass/Fail: Town hall meeting success for NIU; Campus sidewalks too icy for students

By Kaylyn Zielinski


Town hall meeting success for NIU

The all-campus town hall meeting Tuesday had an awesome turn out of more than 200 attendees.

This meeting covered a variety of topics, including the budget impasse and program prioritization. Meetings like these are important for students to attend; it is especially important when there is a platform for those attending to voice their concerns on issues affecting the entire NIU community. It is crucial that students are aware of the possible changes coming to our university because these are going to affect us in future semesters.


Campus sidewalks too icy for students

The university and local DeKalb community should make it easier for students to get to class by making sure the sidewalks are clear of ice. Snowfall in February is normal, but class cancellations because of the snow are unlikely. Professors expect their students to get to class if campus is open. When the sidewalks are not cleared soon enough, it makes it worse when the temperatures fluctuate and most of the preexisting snow turns to ice. It is easy during the school week to spot more than one student slipping and sliding on their way to class.