Pass: New iPhone emojis diverse, connect with all Apple users, Fail: Low voter turnout in DeKalb aldermanic elections not ok

By Rachel Scaman

Pass: New iPhone emjois diverse, connect with all Apple users

iPhone has updated its emoji keyboard to feature emojis with different skin colors. I applaud the decision to make diverse emojis.

The update brings 300 possible emojis with a variety of skin colors. This not only gives people more emoji options, but it makes the emojis more realistically diverse.

This is a good step for Apple since its users come from different ethnic backgrounds and it’s important to see more ethnicities being supported.

Before the update, iPhone offered at least 30 emojis with white faces. Only a few emojis depicted other races before the update.

The update also includes new language choices for Siri, including Russian, Danish and Dutch. Flag emojis from 32 countries like Austrailia, Brazil and Chile were added.

People have been waiting on this update for a long time to give users more options and the phone more diversity. I’m glad the update has finally made an appearance.

Apple definitely took a step in the right direction for its iPhone users.

Fail: Low voter turnout in DeKalb aldermanic elections not OK

The small amount of people who voted in the 2015 DeKalb aldermanic election is appalling, especially since one race didn’t even reach 100 votes.

Newly elected 5th ward Alderwoman Kate Noreiko’s 247 votes defeated Michael Haji-Sheikh’s 220 votes and Cameron Zelaya’s 102 votes. First ward Alderman David Jacobson earned 116 votes and ran unopposed. Seventh ward Alderwoman Monica O’Leary’s 46 votes defeated Craig Roman’s 45 votes.

It’s important for the DeKalb community’s voice to be heard and the aldermen are the ones who voice everyone’s opinions.

These numbers don’t show the DeKalb community being very involved in the aldermanic election.

Aldermen are the people who sit on the City Council and make legislative decisions for the city of DeKalb. Everyone who can vote should have voted in the elections.

Next year, take part in the elections. To become a registered voter, go to