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A figure wearing a shirt with a peach icon sneers at the figure next to them, who hums happily and plays with their phone. IPhone users, stop discriminating against Android phone users. (Mary Ngo | Northern Star)

Stop Android discrimination

By Kahlil Kambui, Senior News Reporter | February 4, 2024

The Apple vs. Android debate has ruffled many feathers of phone users. Both sides are extremely passionate and loyal to their phone brand. Unfortunately, the debate is too polarizing and can cause people to feel otherized.  Apple’s popularity is...

The newly unveiled “Graduates in the Judiciary” mural
in the atrium inside of the east entrance of Swen Parson Hall on campus. The mural features
over 140 College of Law alumni that are in the judiciary. (Sean Reed | Northern Star)

NIU School of Law, mural unveiling and auction

By Caleb Johnson, Lifestyle Writer | April 4, 2023

DeKALB – NIU School of Law’s lecture and mural unveiling took place on March 31 in the second floor atrium of Swen Parson Hall. The two display cases show NIU law students who are now part of the judiciary of the state and federal government. This...

Alumnus devotes himself to music career

Alumnus devotes himself to music career

By Quentin Wilson | January 22, 2020

DeKALB — It can be a struggle to find yourself as an artist while attending college, but one Huskie graduate was able to successfully handle the pressures of both.In December, Stevon Odueze graduated from NIU with a bachelor’s degree in occupational...

In Focus: Why should students be concerned about the FBI requesting access to Apple users’ data?

February 25, 2016

The FBI has requested Apple create software meant to help unlock an iPhone in connection with a terrorism attack that occurred in December in which 14 people were killed in San Bernadino, Calif. Apple refuses to create this software and the FBI plans...

Pass: New iPhone emojis diverse, connect with all Apple users, Fail: Low voter turnout in DeKalb aldermanic elections not ok

By Rachel Scaman | April 8, 2015

Pass: New iPhone emjois diverse, connect with all Apple usersiPhone has updated its emoji keyboard to feature emojis with different skin colors. I applaud the decision to make diverse emojis.The update brings 300 possible emojis with a variety of skin...

Students with Android or Apple devices can download the MyNIU app from the Google Play store (shown here) or Apple store.

MyNIU app launches for Android, Apple devices

By Northern Star staff | March 16, 2015

MyNIU is now available as an app for Android and Apple devices.Students can use the MyNIU app to register for classes, view their grades and class schedule and look up financial aid and account information, among other things.The app is available through...

Pass/Fail: Normal Road becomes safer; Apple’s newest phone bends

By Scott Glavac | September 28, 2014

Pass: Normal Road becomes saferThe Student Association is moving buses back to the west turnaround today to make it safer for people to cross Normal Road.The buses blocked pedestrians’ view of oncoming cars when trying to cross at the east turnaround...

New iPhone due out, cell obsession lives on

New iPhone due out, cell obsession lives on

By Anthony Szudarski | September 18, 2013

I’m worried we focus too much on convenience with our phones today.The Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C will be available to the public Friday. With so many news agencies reporting on the new models, I wonder why the phones are such a big deal.Alexander...

Phil Schiller, Apples senior vice president of worldwide product marketing, speaks in front of an image of the 4th generation iPad, at left, and the iPad mini in San Jose, Calif., Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2012. The iPad has a screen thats about two-thirds the size of the full-size model, and Apple says it will cost $329 and up.

Apple unveils a new line of products

By Roy Herrera | October 28, 2012

Apple held a media event on Tuesday in San Jose, Calif., to unveil its new line of products. Experts speculated Apple would announce a smaller version of the iPad, and they were right. Apple announced the iPad mini and the fourth generation iPad. The...

iPad mini not worth the buzz

By Troy Doetch | October 28, 2012

Please do me a solid and stop talking about greatness of the iPad mini, which almost sold out in preorder this weekend. It’s sick. And not in a good way, like, “Shoot, bro, your slacklining skills are sick.” No, the iPad mini and its buzz is making...

Apple rumored to unveil new iPad model in near future

By Roy Herrera | October 15, 2012

Is your iPod Touch screen too small? Is the iPad too big for your taste? Well, Apple came up with the perfect solution: the iPad Mini. While the name may not be official, this is the next product experts believe Apple will release in the very near future....