NIU School of Law, mural unveiling and auction


Sean Reed

The newly unveiled “Graduates in the Judiciary” mural in the atrium inside of the east entrance of Swen Parson Hall on campus. The mural features over 140 College of Law alumni that are in the judiciary. (Sean Reed | Northern Star)

By Caleb Johnson, Lifestyle Writer

DeKALB – NIU School of Law’s lecture and mural unveiling took place on March 31 in the second floor atrium of Swen Parson Hall. The two display cases show NIU law students who are now part of the judiciary of the state and federal government.

This event occurred simultaneously with the Law School’s annual Francis X. Riley professional lecture and the Public Interest Law Society organization’s annual fundraiser and auction.

The main purpose of the lecture and auction is to raise funding for law students. The Applied Professional Practice Learning Experience (APPLE) Outreach Assistantship Program offers students scholarships to provide assistance with living expenses and other concerns while doing unpaid internships and volunteering positions. Depending on how much funding is raised, there will be three to five open scholarships, between $1,500 to $2,000, which are awarded every summer.

Further funding will also be given through the auction run by the student organization the Public Interest Law Society. This organization helps students with a focus in public interest law.

“So having the judges here for the unveiling really helps bring the alumni and judges here,” said David Mwirichia, a graduate law student. “The whole idea behind the auction is to raise money for law students who work in public interest.”

Judge James Snyder, an NIU law school alum, also gave a lecture prior to the unveiling which focused on professionalism with an emphasis on practices of inclusion, curiosity and preservation.

According to Cassandra L. Hill, dean and professor of law, the NIU School of Law is proud of its alumni.

“Inside and out, our judges embody the core values of leadership, hard work, fair-mindedness, as well as unwavering commitment to diversity, access and public service,” Hill said.

Hill went on to say that the wall display and lecture highlights the successfulness of NIU law graduates in making a rewarding career in the judicial system.

“This experience is invaluable and helps our students learn even more about the importance of the judicial system and the role of judges and lawyers in that system,” Hill said.

Also Hill said that by fostering good connections with previous graduates events like the unveiling will help bring alumni back to foster and support future law students.