Apple rumored to unveil new iPad model in near future

By Roy Herrera

Is your iPod Touch screen too small? Is the iPad too big for your taste? Well, Apple came up with the perfect solution: the iPad Mini.

While the name may not be official, this is the next product experts believe Apple will release in the very near future.

Over the past couple of weeks, the speculation that Apple would release a smaller version of its iPad has been growing. Some sources claim the new iPad is going to have a 7-inch screen in order to compete with smaller tablets, like the Kindle Fire.

Pictures of the iPad Mini have been leaking for weeks, and based on what I saw from these, the new iPad is going to include the Lightning connector that was introduced with the iPhone 5. I assume it will have the retina display, but it will not have all the capabilities the iPad 3 has. Hopefully it can support Adobe Flash so we can see YouTube videos without the app. In order for the price to be low, I believe Apple will only sell Wi-Fi models.

Personally, I don’t agree with Apple releasing a smaller tablet, simply because they are doing it to get more money from the consumers. I wouldn’t recommend the new iPad if you already have a tablet. Unless the iPad Mini brings an innovative idea, there is no need to spend more money on another tablet. There are other tablets that can do the same things as an iPad for a fraction of the price.

Experts believe the new iPad will either be unveiled or released Oct. 23.