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Stop Android discrimination

Mary Ngo
A figure wearing a shirt with a peach icon sneers at the figure next to them, who hums happily and plays with their phone. IPhone users, stop discriminating against Android phone users. (Mary Ngo | Northern Star)

The Apple vs. Android debate has ruffled many feathers of phone users. Both sides are extremely passionate and loyal to their phone brand. Unfortunately, the debate is too polarizing and can cause people to feel otherized. 

Apple’s popularity is a no-brainer for Gen Z. In the US, 87% of people surveyed had an iPhone and 88% said an iPhone would be their next phone, according to Business Insider.

iPhones are prevalent and popular in today’s society, and many iPhone users look down and “discriminate” against Android users. 

Much of the “discrimination” comes from light-hearted jokes like Androids’ bad picture and video quality and the green texts. iPhone having Android phones show up as a green bubble is a fault of their own, their reason being because Apple does not support Rich Communication Services, the texting standard used, giving the bubbles their green color.

Even if it was the fault of Androids there is no reason to disregard people because their text messages are a different color. It’s a little ridiculous.

Courtney Ellis, a junior and dance performance major who has an iPhone, thinks the debate between the two is kind of silly, and people who are more knowledgeable about technology tend to buy Androids. 

“Personally I kinda think it’s funny how strongly, how people feel. Like my whole family now has iPhones,” Ellis said. “It was Samsung and iPhone mix, but my cousins, they are Samsung. I think it depends on who you’re talking to. If it’s someone who knows about the technology, then they’re going to be more on the lot of people l hear Android.”

Abid Alnafoosi, a first-year and computer science major who has an S24, believes the hate Android phones get are due to the misconceptions people have about them. 

“One of the problems I think that people are facing is that it’s never a fair fight for Android,” Alnafoosi said. “When often you think of Android, you’re thinking of laggy phones that don’t have any like, pretty good goodness to them. And those are normal old phones or budget phones, when compared to the newer iPhones, of course, they’re going to be like, mistreated and misrepresented.” 

Alnafoosi also states that if people looked at the high quality android and apple phones that they would find them to be very comparative to each other as well.

Android is the most popular operating system in the world with over 2.5 billion active users spanning over 190 countries, according to Business of Apps. Nearly 1,300 phone brands use Android, making it the most accessible. 

Additionally, the base model iPhone 15 costs up to $829, making Android phones a more affordable option. 

Cassie Kane, a  junior and English major who also has an iPhone, recalls when one of her friends were made fun of for having an Android phone. 

“When I was in high school, one of my friends had a Android because that’s all her parents could afford,” said Kane. “And they gave her Tony, they, they were like picking on her and stuff. And it kind of made me upset because she comes from a lower income family. So like, that’s all she could afford.”

Don’t make fun of Android users. Android phones can be just as good as and cheaper than iPhones making them available to everyone. And seriously, making fun of someone for the phone they have is just straight out mean.

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