iOS 10 features 92 new updates

iOS 10 features 92 new updates

iOS 10 features 92 new updates

By Maddie Steen

Apple released iOS 10 on Sept. 12.

Here are a list of some of the biggest features:

• Messages:

o Invisible ink – allows senders to hide messages that only the reader can see if they swipe their finger over it.

o Animated message bubbles – users can hold the send button to open a menu that will allow senders to add an animated effect to their text such as “slam”, “loud” or “gentle”.

o Handwritten messages – senders can now write out a message

• Maps:

o Make a reservation – now through maps, while in route users can easily look up what is around them and make a reservation or book a ride while still in the Maps app.

• Music:

o Lyrics – users can now view lyrics on the screen

o Control – users can now easily delete songs that are never played off of their phone

• Apply Pay:

This feature now allows users to pay with Apple Pay on their web browser using touch ID.

The new iOS 10 has a total of 92 updates, all worth exploring.

While many people have had no problem with the update, there have been issues of the update freezing phones and making people restore their devices through iTunes.

Either download it now and enjoy the fun or wait until the kinks have been worked out.