Pass, Fail: Voting will bring DeKalb together, Printing survey questions biased

By Rachel Scaman

Pass: Voting will bring DeKalb together

Corn Fest’s nomination for a Rockford Area Music Industry award is a great way to bring the community together with a common goal.

Corn Fest used Twitter to ask people to vote on the Rockford Area Music Industry Award website for DeKalb Corn Fest in the special event category.

Corn Fest is one of the events DeKalb has to bring everyone together for a day of fun. It’s exciting to see Corn Fest nominated because it will get locals involved in voting and may persuade people who haven’t been to the fall festival to go. It will also give DeKalb some fame since it’s such a small town.

The voting will close at midnight March 21 and I encourage everyone to go vote before it’s too late.

It’s always fun when DeKalb, or a DeKalb event, is in the running for an award, and I think Corn Fest deserves to take home the gold.

Fail: Printing survey questions biased

The Student Association’s printing survey is a good way to get student input, but the questions shouldn’t be biased against allocating funds for printing.

On Feb. 9, an email was sent to students with a link to the SA’s Student Printing Quota Survey. Toward the end, the SA’s opinion started to reflect through the questions.

One question asks, “Should the university continue to allocate funds to provide free printing for students? Keep in mind allocating these funds to printing would not allow for advancement of other technologies (WiFi, computer labs, etc.).” Another question asks, “If you were given money to allocate to only 1 technology on campus what would that be?” Among the possible answers are advanced Wi-Fi connection and providing an iPad to every student at NIU.

The survey should be unbiased and should ask questions that really gather student opinion about money going toward free printing.