Pass/Fail: Extra time for task force shows effort, Voter turnout in SA election is discouraging

By Kaylyn Zielinski


The program prioritization academic task force will be allotted more time to do its job and thus more carefully make decisions. Previously, the program prioritization academic task force had been spending four hours every Friday putting acadmeic programs on a scale to determine quality and performance but now the task force will meet for eight hours every Friday for the next two weeks. The increased time being spent on program prioritization shows that this is not a simple task. It is important for the task force to put time into discussing where programs should be placed and they are showing how important it is by increasing the time they are taking to discuss it.


Last week students were able to vote for Student Association executive board candidates but the number of students who actually voted was poor.

The SA presidential election only had 843 voters compared to the previous year’s presidential race which had 2,315 voters, according to a March 31 Northern Star article. Students need to participate in the SA elections. The SA controls $7 million that comes from student fees. Students should become more involved with the people who are in charge of deciding how that money will be spent. SA is our voice to the administration and it is imperative that we are electing those who best represent us.