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Poll: Which NIU club is most impactful?

Lucy Atkinson
Four quadrants display symbols associated with four different types of NIU clubs: Student Government Association, Campus Activities Board, Department Clubs and clubs that are just for fun. Which club makes the most impact on campus? (Lucy Atkinson | Northern Star)

NIU has a multitude of student organizations; from its chapter of the American Meteorological Society to Circle K International, everyone can find something they can relate to and a group to connect with. Club-based events are constantly occurring on campus, and their presence on our campus is astounding.

Some clubs are more impactful university-wide than others. While each has value, the greater campus is more affected by certain organizations. Organization leaders or participants can explain why they matter most; however, the most important voice is that of the students. So, which NIU club is the most impactful?


Responsible for approving new clubs, passing bills and endorsing – or not – different projects on campus is the Student Government Association. While you may know them for their contentious election this spring, the SGA is more than just a drama-filled organization – it benefits students by being their voice on campus. 

Even though their office is accessible, located in the Holmes Student Center, and their 2 p.m. meetings on Fridays are open to the public, many students are not in tune with the SGA. Holding representatives accountable is important, as is paying attention to the SGA. 

That being said, NIU students get through their days just fine without knowing or understanding the decisions that SGA makes. 


The Campus Activities Board brings classics like Food Truck Wednesdays to campus. Additionally, the club sponsors guests, like Marlon Wayans, to visit campus and perform or do a comedy show. 

Their events span a wide variety of topics but are open to NIU students and provide a way to relax and have fun after stressful days of classes, work and other responsibilities. The club helps create community on campus. 

While the CAB does promote many events, students can find themselves learning about activities last minute or after the event has happened. Other times, they may stumble across events without understanding what they are. 


From Chemistry Club to Anthropology Club, most NIU departments have a club dedicated to their students or those with interest in each subject. While they may not be as widespread or mainstream as the CAB and SGA, they do their own events – like seminars or demonstrations.

By providing an outlet for majors and minors to get connected, departments can create greater community for their students and foster relationships based on topics their club members enjoy. 

Despite its benefits for small groups, this collection of department clubs does not, inherently, impact the university community overall. However, a campus is more than just its large organizations. 


Unaffiliated with any specific campus concept, certain clubs are just for fun, including Chinese Kung Fu Club and the Belegarth Medieval Combat Society

We all need a break from coursework, and clubs that lack ties to academia are important for us to maintain our non-schoolwork lives. College is more than a degree or a pathway to a career – it’s a way for people to learn about themselves and explore the world around them before entering complete adult life. 

These clubs lack the common publicity of the CAB; however, most still create memorable experiences for members. These clubs, like most others, are constantly hosting and organizing events for students to attend and participate in.

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Which NIU club is most impactful?


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