Two Big Ten schools reviewed NIU Athletic Director for hire

By Northern Star staff

Athletic Director Sean Frazier was passed up by the University of Minnesota as a candidate for its athletic director position.

The director of athletics oversees the entire athletics program in aspects like budget coordination, public relations, fundraising and student success, according to Frazier’s contract.

Syracuse Athletics Director Mark Coyle was chosen by this Big Ten school earlier today after the job opened in April, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Norwood Teague, former athletic director for the University of Minneapolis, had a $422,000 base salary in 2014.

Frazier was also in the running for the same position at the University of Illinois when the job was posted in November, according to a Herald and Review article. Josh Whitman, University of Illinois athletic director, was hired for the position in February, according to a University of Illinois press release.

Mike Thomas, former athletic director for the University of Illinois, had a base salary of $568,178 in 2015.

Frazier was the athletic director for the University of Wisconsin for six years before being hired at NIU in 2013.

Nine NIU teams finished in the top half of the Mid-American Conference in 2014-15 under Frazier’s lead, improving from 2013-14 conference record by five teams, according to NIU’s athletics website.

Frazier’s base salary is $280,000 at NIU, according to Frazier’s contract.

Donna Turner, associate athletic director for communications, declined to comment “on other schools’ searches” on behalf of the athletics department.