Photo Poll: Thanksgiving Break plans

By Deanna Francis

Students seem to be more than ready for the Thanksgiving holiday. Here’s a look at some student’s Thanksgiving plans.  

“I’m going to start off by heading to my dad’s house, and then later on I’ll go to my mom’s house,” said Lacey Mosson, junior English major.  

Mosson said she is most looking forward to eating mashed potatoes and stuffing this Thanksgiving.  

Robert Durham, senior computer science major, said his plans on Thanksgiving include doing homework.

“After that I’m going to my grandparents’,” said Durham.   

Durham said he’s looking forward to having pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving.  

“I’m going home to see my family, and I’m going to take part in Black Friday shopping,” said Brianna Hemp, sophomore political science major.   

Hemp said that she’s looking forward to eating macaroni and cheese on Thanksgiving.