Play uses nostalgic set design

By Jessica Plessner

School of Theatre and Dance incorporated unique sensory elements masterfully into its production of “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”

The play, which debuted Thursday, invites viewers of all ages to keep up with a two couples and their mind games after a college faculty party. The couples consist of Martha and George, played by graduate acting students Christine Fuchs and Jared Mack, and their friends Nick and Honey, played by graduate acting student Matthew Romriell and Natalie Duch, senior theatre arts major. The friends begin insulting eachother, test eachother’s patience and let nasty comments flow as freely as the alcohol they consume during strange hours of the night — all of which was planned by Martha and George. Secrets begin to spill between the couples as the night unfolds.

The amount of detail put into the production was phenomenal. Between the warm lighting, sixties style furniture and the captivating color-schemed walls, I was instantly hooked. The director, Kendra Holton, made it easy for me to live through the scenes with Martha, George, Honey and Nick.

Small sensory details also made it easy for me to feel apart of the production. In the very first scene Martha loudly chomped on celery, and in the second act the smell of coffee lingered in the air after it was mentioned. The smell disappeared after a few moments, which was perfectly timed and kept me captivated, rather than wondering what kind of coffee I was going to get after the show.

Between Martha’s daddy issues, George’s sarcasm, Honey’s “innocence” and Nick’s hidden sex drive, “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” is captivating and full of secrets. It was so fun to be apart of the audience. Audience members will be hooked while Martha and George fight for some zest in their marriage through skillful games.

Viewers can look forward to a small addition at the ending of the production that will shock them.