Letter to the Editor: More participation needed in SA Senate elections

By Leon Kincaid

The election cycle for Student Association Senators is approaching and it’s important that we have more candidates run this time to ensure a full and accurate representation of the student body. Last year, only one seat was filled for the district which comprises those living outside the DeKalb city limits.

Seats that are empty after an election get filled by students who apply as Senator at large. Which means that last year the commuter student population was largely unrepresented. Graduate students, international students and STEM majors were also under-represented.

Among all the changes after last spring’s contentious results, an important piece of legislation was passed that implements a process for student organizations to endorse candidates.

The Speaker of the Senate, Dillon Domke, also plans to introduce another that will require senators to report to them and collect input. Since student organizations are intended to support student interests, the student government will now be more influenced by what is on the hearts and minds of the student body, whether that is student affairs, civic issues, sports, arts, major specific, etc. But this will only happen if the organization officers take advantage of this opportunity.

The reality is that NIU is privileged to have such a powerful and significant student government. I challenge the students reading this to at least attend one of the required candidate meetings at 6 p.m. Tuesday in the Holmes Student Center, University Suite or at 4 p.m. Wednesday in the Campus Life Building, Room 100.