Style Section: Fashion Class

By Margaret Maka

Back-to-school means actually having to put pants on for class. (Unfortunately.)

Check out our favorite looks for listening to lectures.

Keepin' it Class-y

Is Cher from Clueless your fashion idol? Did you go to a private school? If yes, this look is probably for you. Choose a classic wool sweater and plaid skirt with tights and riding boots. Texturize your accessories with a velvet headband and leather backpack.

NIU Pride

We’ve all seen those people who like to dress in head-to-toe NIU colors. Color block red, black and white stripes with your pants and shirt. Accessorize with a matching backpack and headphones. Just make sure you get the same shade of red!

Crabby Classtime

Like any sleep-deprived college student, you’ve probably rolled out of bed in the morning and worn PJ’s to class at some point. The good news is if you look cute going to bed, you can save yourself five precious minutes of snooze time in the morning. Wear a cozy oversized hoodie and comfy boxer shorts with fuzzy slippers. Skip bringing the real teddy bear for a cute phone case.