Letter to the Editor: Columns should be relevant to NIU readership

I am very disappointed with the Pass/Fail from the July 13, 2015 edition.

As a student, an employee, an alumna and a parent of a student, I am having trouble figuring out what audience the Pass/Fail was addressed to.

How many of our students know anything about Huntley Middle School or care? There must be something happening on campus that deserves a “Plus” that can show the prospective students and their parents the positives of NIU — for example our smoke free campus initiative.

Let’s give a pass to the good things going on at our school.

What business is it of anyone at NIU, especially a student columnist who probably owns no property, to make statements of disappointment regarding what people do with their own privately owned property? Look around campus. Unfortunately, the condition of the grounds is a major fail that should be addressed.

Please be more aware of the log in your own eye before you try to fix the splinter in your neighbor’s.

I realize that the importance of the role of audience has been the subject of scholarly debate; however, recognizing who your readership is important to the choices of subject made by a newspaper.

By the way, you need a comma between years and because in your pass section. Please don’t ignore basic grammar. Remember, your writing represents an institution of higher learning. Huntley Middle School made the plaque for Mr. Lave, they did not make him (turn him into) a plaque.