InFocus: What should DeKalb’s 10-year strategic plan focus on?

By Northern Star staff

Angela Pagan

I would like to see DeKalb become more of a real college town within the next 10 years.

The city should to continue to open up more student-friendly businesses, such as specialty shops and coffee shops with open mic nights. I recently met a girl in Chicago who grew up in DeKalb, and she told me there are a lot more businesses and things to do now than when she was a kid.

DeKalb should keep growing. More businesses means more jobs for students. That, in turn, will help DeKalb become more of a place students want to stay during breaks and weekends.

These businesses could also add to the variety of things to do in town, keeping the attention of students who would otherwise go to the city.

Sabreena Saleem

The city should work on bringing Uber to DeKalb.

While a number of transportation methods, including HuskieLine, TransVac and Zipcar, are available, Uber is the ultimate method for last minute trips home from the grocery store and late-night rides.

The service, which works through an easy-to-use app, provides customers with transportation 24/7 in minutes with only the click of a button — something that could help students who are lost, have a lot to carry or need a last minute ride.

Not to mention, bringing Uber to DeKalb would also provide students and DeKalb residents who have cars with an easy way to make some

Keith Hernandez

DeKalb should attract more music venues and bars to keep most students in town over the weekend.

With NIU being so close to the city, many students make the hour trek home or do things more relevant to their lifestyles in Chicago. I can only go to the same few bars and listen to the same few bands for so long before I get tired of my surroundings.

Let’s try to spice it up and attract a variety of bars and venues so students can have options, rather than going to either a sports or club-like bar.

This may not seem like the ideal solution to keep underclassmen on campus, but if the music venues the city attracts are all-aged venues, then that wouldn’t be an issue.