Letter to the Editor: Transit director thanks students

By Brett Williams

In the four years I have been attending NIU, I’ve never been more proud of my fellow peers than during my time as your director of Mass Transit.

The HUSKIELINE focus groups have been able to touch on something much deeper than just student transit. It’s about showing faculty and staff alike that students not only have good ideas, but they have relevant ideas that can have an immediate positive impact on the student body. During my first days as director of Mass Transit I saw students on the transit system in a negative; however, because of the Student Association’s overall team effort of remarketing the HUSKIELINE, I personally have seen students’ attitudes toward transit change dramatically to a more positive light.

I have always said my fellow students provide the best input and I am proud to see my faith in the student body proven right. I can only hope the next director of Mass Transit will continue these efforts so students, in years to come, will have their voices heard.