Northern Star SA coverage lacking

By Leon Kincaid

The Student Association director of Public Affairs, Joe Palmer, stressed the importance of the Northern Star’s role during Senate’s meeting this Sunday and encouraged senators to read each paper and check daily for updates online.

However, after a grueling six hour session in which we passed legislation to move fall elections for senators to the spring (following next fall’s election) and to approve of the Executive Cabinet appointments, I am disturbed to find that the coverage doesn’t mention the move of elections. This was a significant and much needed change from how the SA has operated in its nearly 50 year history.

If the Star wants to have any elbow room to complain about the SA (as it should), then it needs to recognize the importance of the work done to fix what’s broken. There are several senators who have put in many hours of research in authoring bills to change the bylaws.

Not only does a lack of reporting show no appreciation for their work, but it also doesn’t keep the student body fully informed. You can’t hold us accountable if you aren’t doing your job either, so please do it the best you can and don’t miss a beat.

Lastly, I’d like to give a very deserved “thank you” to senators David White, Robert Kreml, Rachel Gorsuch, and SA Speaker Dillon Domke for all their efforts this year, and I believe the student body would benefit to re-elect those last three next fall for another term of service.