Letter to the Editor: No change coming from Voice of Change

By Leon Kincaid

The Voice of Change? Sounds like more of the same.

As an editorial of the Northern Star has already pointed out, the last few Student Association presidents were all Greek. The Voice of Change’s candidates aren’t any different and Thursday’s debate only confirmed to me that there’s no “change” coming from this ticket.

They boast having the most experience — to which I’m glad to see presidential candidate Nathan Lupstein was called out that his supposed three years are more accurately half that — but I can only facepalm at their argument that their ignorance of the SA constitution and bylaws can be excused because they’re currently reading them.

I was further underwhelmed by their rhetoric, which was as frivolous as their constituents’ cheers, as there was hardly any statements out of them that indicated possession of nuanced knowledge on how to run our student government.

Overall, the Greek community is behaving as if the elections are a dog and pony show rather than a serious effort to determine who is qualified to make decisions about how to spend several million dollars. Many have speculated that the opposition towards implementing online voting this year was due to the discontent from Greek organizations over the fact that it would mean other demographics, such as non-traditional students, would no longer be disenfranchised. Even the Senate’s faculty adviser, Kelli Bradley, joined the debate mid-session to level the accusation and shame them for it.

So, I have significant doubt that these candidates are truly capable of serving the interests of all students.