InFocus: What do you think of the MyNIU app?

By Northern Star Staff

Mohammed Taha Faridi

I always thought MyNIU should have a smartphone app.

The app functions well: You can do all the work you did on the MyNIU website. It’s simple and easy to use. It’s also a relief for iPhone and Android users who can now do more university-related stuff using just their fingertips.

But, the color and the theme of the app looks gloomy; it should have been brighter and more appealing.. It would have been better if it was combined with the Blackboard Mobile Learn app.

I also hope the developers will add an option where users can always be logged into the app since you have to log in again when you leave the app or close it. I understand this is not a feature for security purposes — banking apps are the same — but I think the MyNIU app should give the users this flexibility.

Angela Pagan

Overall, the new MyNIU app seems like a helpful addition to student resources.

The layout is direct and simple; I would even say it is easier to use than the desktop version. The thing I like most about the app is it allows students to register and drop classes from their smartphone or tablet rather than having to use a computer, which not all students have.

There are only a few issues that I have with the app. For example, when I log in there is an option to have the app remember my login information. I marked this option, but the app only remembers the username and not the password, which means every time I open the app I have to log in again.

The app has also crashed or taken such a long time I would exit it when trying to access things like my schedule several times.

Angelina McNeela

After logging into the MyNIU app, I clicked on the first menu selection labeled “What’s happening today.”

My first reaction was I am impressed with this app already. There’s finally a place where we can scroll through lists of on-campus happenings without going to the website.

What I did not expect to come up was a list of holds and fees. I’m looking for what’s actually happening today on campus and I feel stalked by the $53 I will pay … eventually.

After taking a look at the other menu options, I found the app useful. I am pleased to see an easy-to-access place where students can retrieve their school schedules, search courses or unofficial transcripts.

The website was already easy to navigate, but this app makes looking up everything on your phone much easier and faster when rushing around. I found the design of the app easy to understand.