Here are the top 5 bathrooms on campus (spoiler: Barsema’s features full-length mirrors)

By Northern Star staff

Not every bathroom on campus features the charming broken tiles of DuSable Hall. In fact, some are quite nice.

Here, we rank the top five bathrooms at NIU based on their amenities. If you ever need to get out of the cold, get away from class or, well, go to the bathroom, these are the perfect spots to check out.

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1. Altgeld Hall

Altgeld Hall is the castle behind NIU’s logo. It is home to offices of NIU’s president and the provost. If you really want to go in style, why not go presidential style? These bathrooms are well-lit, spacious and comfortable.

2. Barsema Hall

Fully loaded with amenities like good lighting and automatic toilets, sinks and paper towel dispensers, this is the place to go if you have to go. What more can you ask for in a bathroom? Most importantly these bathrooms are dressed with full-length mirrors to help business majors look their best. Plus, you can visit these bathrooms day or night.

3. Cole Hall

Most students probably don’t know that Cole Hall has six bathrooms, two of which are on the main floor. The main floor bathrooms offer very little privacy because they have only two stalls, but there are four bathrooms in the basement that have complete peace and quiet.

4. Swen Parson Hall

Students should be familiar with this place. Swen Parson Hall is home to the financial aid and bursar offices, as well as the College of Law. Although students have a lot to do in this building, it has some of the most charming, quiet and comfortable bathrooms.

5. Watson Hall

Watson is one of the quietest buildings on campus. Home to the Communication and Foreign Languages and Literatures departments, this building offers the most seclusion for bathroom privacy and has floor-length mirrors for people who like to check themselves out. They are also sound-free and clean.

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