Trying to enjoy the weather? Check out the top 4 prettiest places on campus


By Northern Star staff

It’s good to get away and surround yourself with the beauty of nature.

You don’t have to go that far to find them, as there are many on campus. Here are the top four prettiest places on campus.

1. The East Lagoon, NIU entrance off Lincoln Highway

This expansive lagoon — the first thing you see passing through the main entrance of NIU — is a great place to sit and relax.

In the spring, the many trees are green and filled with life and the pond is visited by geese and other birds. The surrounding area is a welcome sight for passing cars and a beautiful greeting for visitors.

2. The Altgeld benches and garden

Located to the right of the entrance of Altgeld Hall, this little haven is great for a quick rest between classes or as a place to sit and work.

It’s equipped with benches and surrounded by trees that provide ample protection from the sun. The area is guarded by a gargoyle statue, Olive Goyle, a quiet sentry and an excellent listener.

3. The Cole Hall bridges and memorial

Right in the middle of campus and used by students every day, this place holds great beauty of its own.

The pond and stream that flow underneath the bridges provide a great place to clear the mind. Of course, the Cole Hall memorial is a quiet place to sit and pay your respects. There is a reverence to this place that is beautiful and appreciated.

4. Grant Central Park and gazebo

A perfect spot to spend a sunny spring day, this little park is right between Stevenson Hall and Grant Hall. There is a small field nearby that is great for throwing around a football or lying in the grass and watching the clouds. The gazebo towards the middle is a great place to meet friends and enjoy each other’s company.