Letter to the Editor: Alumna welcomes watchdog program

By Sharon May

Speaking as an alumna (MS finance ’96) and ex-employee of NIU, I welcome with open arms the arrival of the Edgar County Watchdogs to NIU and DeKalb.

The two founding members of this group made their first DeKalb appearance at the most recent NIU Board of Trustees meeting, suggesting to the trustees that they use the group as a free resource to possibly identify and, if need be, help correct any systemic problems.

In my opinion, a non-political/non-biased offer of “free” should always be welcome to taxpayers; however, considering NIU administration’s two slogans of “accountability, clarity and transparency” and “ethically inspired leadership,” there may be little for this group to look at or expose within our university.

Regardless, it is a breath of fresh air to add to the discussion and I wish them well.