Faculty want more input on NIU’s program prioritization

By Northern Star staff

University Council will hear a request from the faculty to increase their presence on the program prioritization task forces.

The Board of Trustees Ad Hoc Committee on Enrollment heard a presentation on program prioritization by Provost Lisa Freeman. In her presentation, Freeman said the Board of Trustees’ role in program prioritization is to manage costs within the university as well as provide an affordable education for students.

At the meeting, Faculty Senate President Bill Pitney said the faculty had agreed they wanted more representation on the task forces, which will evaluate academic and administrative programs.

Associate art professor Barbara Jaffee motioned Wednesday for the Faculty Senate to recommend proportional representation on the task forces as well as have the task force members be selected by the colleges. The motion was seconded and brought to a vote, passing with 25 yeas, 10 nays and four abstentions.

Pitney, who also serves as executive secretary to the University Council, will present the faculty’s motion at the University Council meeting 3 p.m. Wednesday in the Holmes Student Center, Sky Room.